Where to rent a bunch of bikes in Portland, Oregon?
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I'm helping to organize a conference in Portland this coming June. As part of the conference, we'd like to do "Portland-y" tours, including a Saturday evening bike tour. But where in the world do we get bikes for 50 people (give or take)? Can you recommend bike rental outfits in Portland? Or maybe places that actually conduct bike tours? (I don't mind giving the tour myself, but am happy to have somebody else do it, too.) Any other tips for leading a big group on a tour of the city during the evening of the Starlight Parade?
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There's a place on the waterfront that rents bikes. My father-in-law once rented there and it seemed pretty good. I think they do those funny two-seater jalopy things, too, but I'm not sure.

You also might try REI. I'm not sure that they do rentals exactly but they might be interested in working with a conference.

I'm not sure about tours. Maybe ask Jonathan Maus? What kind of tour are you interested in conducting?
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Sorry, don't know much about bikes but other ideas...
--have some sort of scavenger hunt throughout the city
--The Gotto is interesting. So is Powells Books. So is Multnomah Falls.
--Skating at Oaks Park?
--A tour of the Widmer Brewing Company...with free samples!
--You might find something interesting here.
--Arrange something in conjunction with Fleet Week
--Plus the Rose Festival will be going on at that time.
p.s. I would LOVE to go to your conference but it is sold out so I am sad that I won't get to go :(
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If you're planning a big tour of the city on the night of the Starlight Parade, be aware - the route pretty much bisects downtown and it's a very well attended event, so getting around the downtown core and the parade area will be tricky at best. During the day isn't too bad, but late afternoon and evening can get hairy, crowd-wise.
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I am sure the folks at the Portland Visitors Bureau would love to help answer this question.
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start at Pedal Bike Tours!
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My fiance works for an org that had a 2009 summit in Portland, and they partnered with Waterfront Bikes. Attendees could get a discount rate on bike rental for either one day (for an organized ride) or for the whole summit.

You could also try reaching out to other bike shops or bike manufacturers in Portland (Vanilla, Chris King) to see if they would like to sponsor the conference.
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Oh, will you be here during Pedalpalooza? I think it will be during the middle two weeks of June and there will be all kinds of biking events every day. There's a calendar showing last year's events at the Shift website. It is a lot of fun but might make it harder for you to rent bicycles too.
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