In need of stylish, portable walking support
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I am suffering from a medical condition that causes severe muscle pain and weakness. I think that a walking stick for occasional might help, but I want something that looks cool and that I can fold up and put in a bag when not in use.

So I am looking for suggestions for a walking stick/staff/other that is

- Portable: it must be able to fold up and fit in a shoulder bag when it is not needed
- lightweight: I don't want to carry around any more weight than is absolutely required
- looks cool: I don't mind paying a bit more for something that looks more attractive than the usual ugly metal ones that they give you. Carbon fiber or the like would be a definite plus.

Any suggestions?
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I like derby-handled carbon-fiber canes, particularly the "Luminescent Lavender" one in the linked page. Carbon fiber canes are amazingly lightweight, strong, and a little springy. It's hard to carry even the coolest wooden cane after experiencing the lightness of the carbon fiber type.

I have ordered from and found their products satisfactory, but their online customer service was snippy and annoying in response to a perfectly reasonable question.
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While "coolness" is subjective, I can comment on functionality and the quality of such a product.

I have used Hugo Folding canes with great success and without feeling like I was using an institutional-looking device.
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Lots of choices here, and they seem to be relatively low-cost.
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Also, whatever you decide to get, make sure that it is able to be fitted properly to you.
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These aren't especially cool, but I can vouch for their value and practicality. For cool, add this to you order.
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An alternative to a cane would be a trekking pole. Collapsible, can be stylish versus a typical cane (possibly age/lifestyle depending).
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Go tactical, walking stick that is a blowgun and a spear!

There are also lots of DIY options on instructables for having various stuff inside, or letting it convert to a chair.

I realise maybe you need to prioritise lightness, but having a little survival kit with twenty bucks, some painkillers, or whatever your must-have items are might provide some security. Or have a screw off lid and bubble solution in it!
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I used to have this one stuffed in the bottom of my messenger bag in case I needed it, and it was pretty good. It wasn't "stylish" exactly, but a plain black cane can pass for stylish in a pinch, I found. (I did have a different cane for Dressing Up.)

Ery's right about the awesomeness of carbon fibre canes, however. Definitely the best option if you're going to be carrying it around all the time.
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I have a similar condition and have been using a cane for almost ten years (I'm 40). My best advice is not to feel bad or embarrassed about using it. If the cane helps you, use it with dignity and pride. I get my canes from and have always been happy with them. Best of luck.
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Seriously consider one of the "ergonomic" designs that is molded to the shape of the hand. They are super comfortable to use, but I couldn't find any "cool" ones that still folded up.
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