Can I use my laptop as a remote control?
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My IBM T42 has an infrared port on the front, and I've tried finding software that will allow me to control my tv with it. Does anything exist that will let me do this?
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I believe IrDA range is 20CM, way too weak to reach your TV.
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Errr... up to 1 meter.
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well, that range would be for usefull transfer of data.
and for tv remoting I dont hink you need that.

I have a HP48 graphing calculator and to transfer files to other hps it needs to be really close and perfectly lined up.
But in highschool I could still use it to screw around with the teachers tv from accross the room.
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There does not appear to be such software for Windows XP/2000, but apparently LIRC for Linux might work with some chipsets and this old japanese program would do the same for older windows versions.
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Unless your super lucky, the IRDA port on your laptop is far too weak to do much useful controlling.

What you need in a simple external device with a strong LED.
You can buy one for about $12 or make your own.
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