Experimental/homemade musical instruments were shown during interstitials on M2 in the late '90s?
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Do you know anything about the man whose experimental musical instruments were shown during interstitials on M2 (became MTV2) in the late '90s? I don't remember much about the instruments, but they were obviously handmade, mostly constructed out of household items. I seem to remember stringed instruments and organ-like things.
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Best answer: Could it be Ken Butler? He makes crazy stringed instruments out of shovels, toothbrushes, etc. His bio mentions "Station ID’s for MTV (M2)."

I saw him play at the Knitting Factory in the late 90s. Fun stuff!
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Response by poster: That's the guy. Thanks!
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Response by poster: Videos, if any are curious. Thanks again.
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(paging Samm...)
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This question reminded me of Harm Goslink Kuiper, a Dutch artists who does similar things. Check out his work.
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Someone who *also* did spots on M2 using homemade instruments (notably, his electrozither) was Brian Dewan.
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