How to get Outlook emails into Gmail?
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What's the (second) best way of getting emails from Outlook to Gmail?

I need to get some emails from Outlook to Gmail. I'm behind a corporate firewall, so can't connect Outlook to the Gmail IMAP server. What's the next best method?
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Export your Outlook messages to a .pst. Copy the .PST to a thumbdrive. Import the .PST into an Outlook client on a machine not behind that restrictive firewall, and put them in GMail via IMAP from there.
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If your Exchange* server is accessible from The Internet, you could grab mails to your home machine via RPC-HTTP (Outlook), POP3/IMAP etc. You may, however, be violating corporate regulations or similar by doing what you want to do successfully - your inability to alter the corporate firewall suggests this may be the case. Tread carefully.

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I've used imapsync a bunch of times for this. Also will allow you to backup your gmail after its all there.
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How many e-mails? Can you just forward them to your GMail account?

Like deadmessenger said, copying an outlook archive to a thumbdrive (or CD/DVD, or whatever) and then uploading them via IMAP from another computer would work.

Does your corporate firewall allow VPN? Is there a network outside your corporate network you could VPN into and then transfer your mail via IMAP?
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