Need help finding a psychiatrist in Seattle
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I need some help finding a psychiatrist in Seattle. Of course there is a rather big catch (inside) which is why I am asking here as opposed to google.

I need a psychiatrist who will acccept cash payment (as opposed to insurance) such that any diagnosis or perscriptions will not show up on my medical history. The cost is not an issue just the paper trail. Because of some time sensitive things going on with switching jobs and insurance that is a deal breaker.

Basicially, this is not a matter of life and death (in fact it's quite minor as far as mental health issues go) but if I could get in to see a psychiatrist soon (before the insurance issues are resolved, which could take 6 months) it would make my life so very much better. This would really mean a lot to me.
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You won't have any trouble finding such a person. Basically, every medical practitioner in the US would prefer to have cash patients rather than wait the weeks or months it takes to get payment from an insurer.

"I don't currently have insurance that provides for mental health coverage" is all you need to say. Nobody will bat an eyelash.

I don't have any names to suggest, but you can ask the potential candidates' practice managers/office managers/admin assists/whatever to confirm that there's no problem with your paying cash, and my guess is that all of them will enthusiastically say yes.
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Dr. Grant Haven
901 Boren Avenue Suite 1910
Seattle, WA, 98104
Phone Number:
(206) 264-8887

I have been a patient of his for a decade now, and have been paying him in cash for 6 years, also due to insurance issues. (Basically, I like him and would rather pay for his visits in cash rather than try to find a Psychiatrist that my insurance will cover). If you tell him that you want to pay in cash and to not try to bill insurance, he will respect that. In fact, you don't have to give him any insurance info at all, and problem solved.

I see him, and at the end of the visit, I pay him directly. He then gives me a receipt. He will also send a statement of payments you made upon request at the end of the year for tax purposes.
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Yeah, most providers understand that there are issues around both confidentiality and insurance, and will allow you to pay at the time of appointment or will even bill you directly.

You won't find a trustworthy pharmacy or shrink who keeps *no* paper records, so there's always the possibility of subpoena, but your medical records can be released only on your written request. You can delimit the dates to be released, too, although I wouldn't trust a large medical records department to be especially attentive to that.

I would look for a small independent practice and pharmacy to decrease the likelihood of accidental release of these records at a later date when you *are* insured. (I can't recommend a shrink in Seattle, but the Maple Leaf Pharmacy is a pretty decent independent pharmacy although their on-hand stock is a bit limited.)
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Does the provider have to be a psychiatrist specifically, or are you looking for any mental health care provider?
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Depending on what medication you need, you could also ask the psych if s/he has samples to give you. In that case no prescription is needed.
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If it's not an emergency, and if you already know what prescription you want, why don't you go to a primary physician.
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