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My Eye make up remover (Nivea) does not remove the eye liner pencil mark. and I am not sure if going that close to the eye to remove the liner mark is good for my eye
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Think about why you remove your makeup. Presumably, you want to wash all the impurities from your skin. A little bit of eyeliner is not going to cause you much skin damage, if any at all, in the long run. Getting cleanser in your eyes, though, could be dangerous. So if it came down to a choice, i would probably just leave the eyeliner on.

I'm curious about an eyeliner that doesn't wash off, though, with just soap and water. Unlike mascara, eyeliner, in my experience, comes off pretty easily. So you might consider changing your eyeliner. Hypoallergenic eyeliners and those that are safe for contact lens wearers are generally a good bet for anyone.

Third choice, and my personal preference, opt for a towelette cleanser that you can wipe directly on your eye, and then rinse your face with water thoroughly.
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For years now, I've been using a cotton swab dipped in Origins brand eye make up remover. It takes off eye make up cleanly and has never irritated my eyes. If you are looking for brand and/or technique recommendations, try doing that.
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I use the oil-cleansing method which removes every trace of makeup. I feel perfectly comfortable massaging food-grade oil into the base of my eyelashes and it all comes clean without any irritation.
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Pond's Cold Cream. There's a reason it's been on the market since, what, the 1900s.
Plus, they talk about it on Mad Men!
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This might sound really weird, but trust me. When I was doing a lot of shows, I got into the habit of using baby wipes as makeup remover. Get the sensitive skin stuff that doesn't contain any alcohol - they were perfectly fine around my eyes, and it really takes off everything. It's also the cheapest on-the-go route, if that matters. I used to have to wear fake eyelashes with mascara on top + liquid eyeliner + setting spray on top and a baby wipe would take it off LIKE THAT.

When I didn't have to wear a ton of makeup, I found Cetaphil and a cotton pad worked well.
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I recommend Physicians Formula Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. I have very sensitive eyes, and this works like a charm without irritating the eyes.
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My eye doctor recommended a solution of 6 parts water to 1 part baby shampoo, but I was also clogging up the oil glands in my eye by leaving eyeliner on at night. I wash both lash lines with it at night and then rinse each eye; no stinging, no irritation.

Oil is another way to get eye makeup off, but I find that I always get it in my eye and then my vision is all blurry for the next half hour. Harmless but annoying.
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A little bit of eyeliner is not going to cause you much skin damage, if any at all, in the long run. Getting cleanser in your eyes, though, could be dangerous.

I think of this the other way around. there are all kinds of things in makeup (aluminum powder, copper powder, BHT, FD and C colorants) that I don't necessarily want near my mucus membranes all day and night. However, a cleanser that's dangerous to eyes, especially eye makeup remover, is unlikely to be on the market. Like people above said, oil is very effective for gently removing makeup. I use jojoba, but olive or peanut or even canola will work.
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Clinique's Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is fantastic. And if you're worried about it getting in your eyes, just put a tiny dab on a cotton squab to remove liner. It's very gentle (I've gotten it in my eyes several times and never felt a thing) and a little goes a very long way / will last forever
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Is your eyeliner waterproof or smudge-proof? If so, you might need an eye makeup remover that's specially made for those types. There are probably cheaper alternatives, but Bobbie Brown makes an eye makeup remover formulated to remove their long-wear products. It's called Instant Long Wear Makeup Remover. I've just tried a free sample, but it does work, but it's a bit expensive. If you want to go the drugstore brand route, just look for something that specifically states that it works on waterproof or make up otherwise formulated to be long wearing.
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I just did a lot of eye make up remover research to replace my expensive Lancome with the CVS store brand version of Neutrogena oil free. Works just as well but is 1/5th the price. Also, keep the receipt and if you don't like it, return it to CVS.
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A little bit of olive oil on a cotton pad or swab works absolutely wonderfully for eye makeup removal, and I have no idea why anybody uses anything else.
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I used to have problems removing mascara and eyeliner as well (darn those smudge marks under the eye!) I've tried oily remover, oil-free remover, olive oil, diluted baby shampoo... but it took watching makeup artist Lisa Eldridge's video on makeup removal to realize that technique is as important as the remover you use.

The relevant section about eyemakeup removal starts at about 2:10. She halves a cotton pad, soaks each half in makeup remover, then puts each semicircle under each eye. Then she puts another remover-soaked cotton pad on top of each closed eye and lets everything soak for a few seconds before wiping everything off.

It's the cleanest, gentlest way I've come across to remove eyemakeup. No tugging or scrubbing and everything comes off and I'm just using a generic oil-free makeup remover for waterproof makeup.
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Stop using Nivea for the eyes; it's great stuff for the rest of the face but too gunky for eyelashes. Use eye makeup remover on a cotton pad. If you use waterproof or long-wear cosmetics, get "dual action" or "dual phase" eye makeup remover.
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I use primrose or cherry oil...but I buy it in bulk, so I have it around anyway. Olive oil, vegetable oil, any nut or plant based heavy oil will work, and costs fractional cents.

I also do what SallySings does; fragrance-free, non-allergenic baby wipes are the duct tape of the cosmetics universe.
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A little bit of olive oil on a cotton pad or swab works absolutely wonderfully for eye makeup removal, and I have no idea why anybody uses anything else.

I don't like the way it smells on my face, and it goes off too quickly for me to keep it in the bathroom. That's why I use the Physicians Formula stuff, which is very shelf-stable and doesn't smell like anything.

Since you asked, and all. I know that lots of people find olive oil and baking soda and vinegar and lemon juice and what-not work better for them than manufactured products, and I am delighted for them, but that hasn't been my own experience.
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My eye doctor, like corey flood's also suggested baby shampoo. Has always worked well for me (and not irritated my sensitive skin).
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An actor friend told me about Albolene, and I've been using it ever since to remove makeup. A big tub of it is around twelve bucks, and the big chain pharmacies carry it, usually on the bottom shelf where the cold creams are. It's in a round white container with a blue lid. Incredible makeup remover.
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Vaseline. The petroleum jelly stuff. Seriously. A big jar will cost you maybe $5 and will last you for years. I've been using it to remove my eyeliner and mascara for as long as I've been wearing makeup.
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Vaseline. The petroleum jelly stuff.

Yes! And in the baby care aisle, you can find bottles of it in a clear gel formula (scented or unscented) that's perfect for dabbing on a tissue and gently wiping across your eye.

Although I'm 48, the skin around my eyes has very few wrinkles. I attribute this to not only having superior non-wrinkly genes, but also that I've been effectively moisturizing that skin for years, just by removing my makeup.
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I find a lot of make-up removers irritate my eyes. Also, in my experience eyeliner doesn't come off with just soap and water (it does come off on my pillow, though!). I, too, recommend Cold Cream, Pond's or otherwise. It's basically made with oil, but it's easy to apply and wipe off with a cotton square. It's supposed to be fine to leave on your face, but I always wash the cold cream off afterward.
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