Snapshot of England demographics needed
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I have conducted some research and need to compare the basic demographics I've collected (age, highest level of education, household income, number of children, employment status) to official statistics for England. I know this info exists, I had it a few months ago, but google-fu is failing me because of the hours I've spent staring at my screen and reams of data wrangling today. Does anyone know where I can find this info? Thanks!
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Office for National Statistics?
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Response by poster: ComfySofa - have had a look around there but it's not quite what I was using before. It's my back up plan though!
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Response by poster: I should clarify, it needs to be as recent as possible - there's always the 2001 census but the population has changed significantly since then.
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Best answer: Hmm, dunno then. Not the Social Trends [pdf] bit?

Just England or the UK?
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Response by poster: That's it! Thanks so much! I'll acknowledge your help in my dissertation acknowledgements :)
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