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What are some good punk/alternative/indie-esque groups that sing in Spanish?

I'm currently trying to learn the language and feel that some sort of emmersion would help me out alot. I like to listen to punk/alternative/indie music so I was looking to see if anyone had any recommendations for spanish groups who match these genres.
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it's old, but los prisoneros are excellent - good (often political) lyrics, sung clearly (i'm worried they're more rock than punk, but i think they match up)
my chilean s.o. once carefully wrote out all the lyrics to one of their albums to help me with exactly this problem (learning spanish). if i were the sensitive, kind soul i play on the internet i'd have carefully treasured such a token of her love, but, well, it seemed to disappear at some point...
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grandes exitos
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and if you follow links from that album on amazon you get soda stereo, enanitos verdes, mana, etc - just see what sounds ok, as i recognise the names, but don't know the music much.
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hmm... don't know much about Spanish-language punk but if you're interested in rock en español I'd suggest starting with Café Tacvba's Reves/Yosoy, Gustavo Cerati's Bocanada and Manu Chao's Clandestino. The first is Mexican, the second Argentinian and the third French, but he sings mostly in Spanish and his parents are Spanish (his French lyrics are by far his best, though). These would all fit vaguely in that vaguest of genres, alternative.

All these should be easily findable in major U.S. cities. Bocanada perhaps the hardest, but I found it in Boston's Tower Records (didn't find it in Barcelona though, and I went to seven different record stores). Of course, should you want to order online, they're all in print.

You might want to check Os mutantes out. They're Brazilian, so perhaps not quite what you're looking for. But they're this sixties band that created awesome, weird music.
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Los Crudos is a great latino punk band from Chicago that sung all their songs Spanish, and the booklets that come with their records also have English translations.
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The lyrics were all in Spanish, I do mean.
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come to think of it, Mano Negra (Manu Chao's old band) were a punk band, sort of
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The Plugz are classic.
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not what you asked for, but you can listen to my local radio station here. it plays a varied format - a bit of everything (much wider range than i'm used to listening to in the uk, for example, where stations are more focussed). click on "escucha on line" top right-ish. mix of english, spanish (and portuguese, japanese and french, i think) lyrics
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Ozomatli of course, and Plastilina Mosh and Kinky as well. All these bands are much more indie than punk, maybe more rap or electronic than you'd like but fun for learning espanol.
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Ska-P...socialist/anarchist vegetarian atheist of my favorite bands ;)
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Voodoo Glow Skulls are usually filed under ska, but they are normally really fast and bilingual. Molotov is a really popular Mexican band (a pair of Quicktime videos) whose songs have a lot of politics.
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I would second Manu Chao's Clandestino.
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Hi Stynx! =) Miss seeing you in IRC!

Los Rabanes - "power ska/rock trio" (I'm quoting a review here) from Panama
Maná - more "rock" but they do some "punk"
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - from Argentina, "rock" with ska and punk influences; try their album "Rey Azucar" which includes cameos from Debbie Harry and Mick Jones

And yes, definitely Ozomatli; and Mano Negra is worth checking out.
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Los Planetas are kind of a Spanish version of Sonic Youth if you like that type of alternative rock. Actually while the vast majority of their stuff is in Spanish, I think that their latest albums are in English.

If you like Manu Chao, you should also check out Amparanoia, especially their first album El poder de Machín. They are both members of the anti-globalization set. Great, great stuff.

Here's a Spanish Punk record label called Grita! (Scream!), YMMV.
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Garzón has a few songs (and lyrics) on their website.
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Los Jaguares
Manic Hispanic ("Spanglish" lyrics)
Union 13
Os Mutantes are great, but they sing in Portugese.
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obloquy: I know, which is why I said it might not be what stynxno might be looking for :)

Also, the link for Os Mutantes doesn't work.
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Los de Abajo. Saw them at a Womad a couple of years, they do a very exciting take on the Mexican sound mixed in with other traditions (their influences include Manu Chao).
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Control Machete, though perhaps more hiphop than punk. Also, lovely but not punk (probably qualifies as "indie") is Juana Molina.
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Response by poster: omg. i love all of you. thanks a lot.
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Not sure if they fall within your categories (they kind of span a few genres) but Breed 77 are pretty damned awesome...
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The Pixies do some songs in spanish.
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I second Plastilina Mosh and Kinky.
They're the only bands in Spanish that I listen to, even though I'm Mexican.
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Yes! Los Crudos, they we're a great bunch of guys...
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I know something that can help you. No Fun Records. This is a label run by a couple of people (Charley and Claudia) I know. They're from Argentina, and Charley was in a bunch of punk rock bands down there. Now they're up in Detroit, and they rock. They rock hard. So hard.
But not only do they have an inside line on a huge, huge wealth of South and Latin American punk, they make trips down to Buenos Aires every now and then, and will bring up huge treasure troves of all sorts of excellent shit.
Send 'em an email, tell 'em what you like, and tell 'em Josh S. sent you.
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Mago de Oz

I'm not sure what genre they are. Celtic metal from Spain?
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