What would you name this product?
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Hello, I am looking for ideas about what would be a good name for following electronic product/video converter box (in nutshell) :- It is a small box which converts regular 2D video into 3D video and using the HDMI port on this box, this 3D video can be watched on a regular LCD TV while wearing Red-Blue glasses. The product name should be small (2 words or so), pithy, not necessarily technical jargonry, and telling about its functionality in its name (if possible). thanks, -GM.
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Three Box
posted by mikepop at 9:21 AM on January 18, 2011

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Go Live
Fifth Wall (Wall 5?)
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Maybe play up the feature that it would add 1 more "D" to the viewing experience with something like "oneTV" or "oneDerTV" (alluding to "wonder").
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See 3Deepio
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Depth Charge
Eye Candy
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Sounds cool.

What about 3DIY?
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