Recent Speculative Fiction with a 2000 branch?
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Speculative Fiction Filter: Has anyone written a book, story, or website about what the world would look like had Al Gore been elected as president in 2000?

I've loved reading Speculative Fiction since I stumbled upon "A Sound of Thunder" as a child. There's lots out there that deal with wars - tons of books, movies, and even video games about the dystopic future if Germany had won WW2, etc.

Is there anything recent that involves a speculative future where Al Gore won the 2000 election? Obviously the largest piece of this is the creative curiosity of how the 9/11 terrorist attacks and subsequent foreign policy would have been different, but I'm interested in it all. It seems like someone should have written something by now! Any links to books or websites appreciated.
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The Spiders.
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Yes, and Yes.
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The "Meet the Quagmires" episode of Family Guy is sorta kinda like this, a little bit at least.
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President Gore: A Look Back by Ted Rall
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I'm going to expand on your question a bit. If you like Alternative History and Politics, I recommend finding a copy of Alternate Presidents, edited by Mike Resnick. It's a collection of short stories that has an alternative for each president, from Washington (Ben Franklin) to Bush I (Dukakis). It's a fun read and I wasn't at all surprised that alternative President Goldwater used nukes in Vietnam.

I think it's out of print but I found a used copy on Amazon.
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Saturday Night Live: "Parallel Universe."
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It's not immediately revealed that this is the case, but this book is set in a world where Al Gore won, and IIRC the 9/11 attacks were foiled, and... well, it's still a dark place.
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Uchronia: The Alternate History List has several listed. Check their list of titles by point of divergence -- I'm not seeing a way to search by point of divergence, but they're listed chronologically, and here's the appropriate page.
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