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I need Da Vinci-like journals for inspiration. Is there a site/community that features these types of journals?

I have to create a journal for a theory class in an art-related field. I've never done a journal before but I don't just want to use printed out pictures and magazine cut-outs. I'd like to use a bit more creativity and show off my artistic talent in the journal to make it a more interesting and enjoyable read.

I've tried a flickr and deviantart search but I keep coming up with this collage-type journal. I really, really dislike this sort of journal where people white wash out pages of a book and draw/stick magazine cut-outs on it...Not only are these types of art journals unappealing to me, but my journal will be very text heavy so these types of journals will not be good models.

I'm very open to using mixed-media.
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"Sketch journal" might be something else you want to try googling for. A lot of them are quite text-heavy, despite the name.
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Does this help?
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1000 journals
Ophelia Chong
Danny Gregory
Try googling "Moleskine Art"

Also see if you can get a copy of An Illustrated Life.
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Moleskinerie and other "moleskin" groups on Flickr might be closer to what your looking for, although I don't know how text heavy they are.
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If it's text you're looking to highlight, maybe take a look at some of the "visual note taking" examples, too. I've seen a lot of conference/SXSW-type journals where this process is used very effectively.

And Maira Kalman does a lot of interesting story-telling blog entries which are illustrated and might help with thinking about a format.
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Check out Peter Beard. Not sure where you can find materials online, but he's certainly one of the most original journal-ists ever.
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