Recommendation for a clear (non-opaque) sunscreen lotion?
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I'd like a recommendation for a clear (non-opaque) sunscreen lotion. Neutrogena had one (SPF 30, I think), but I can't find it anymore (store or on the web). Does anyone have a recommendation (or a source), for that or a similar clear sunscreen lotion?

By "clear", I mean that the sunscreen lotion isn't whitish. I'm trying to avoid the problem of having to completely rub the sunscreen lotion into my skin in order for it to be not visible.

If Neutrogena is still selling such a lotion (I last bought one about a year ago), it isn't obvious to me, so I'd welcome a pointer to where to buy this online. And regardless of that, suggestions as to what other clear sunscreen lotions people like are also welcome. [I'd also like SPF 30 or greater, but SPF 15 is fine, and of course waterproof(ish) is nice.]
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Best answer: Neutrogena makes a spray-on sunscreen that goes on clear and holds up well to sweat and water. CVS has a similar product that doesn't have as nice a scent but which works equally well.
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Best answer: Banana Boat also offers a clear SPF 30 quick dry spray. I'm sorry to hear that the neutrogena gel you seem to be referring is no longer offered. I liked the non-greasy feel of it.
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Best answer: Sunsense Clear Gel is wonderful. It's completely clear and non greasy, dries very quickly and protects as well as any other sunscreen I've used.

I once spent a whole day in the sun watching a cricket match, reapplying this hourly or so, and never had a hint of a burn.
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Best answer: Bullfrog
Transparent, waterproof, loved by surfers.
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Coppertone Endless Summer Ultrasheer Sunscreen

THE BEST sunscreen ever. It dries completely and feels like absolutely nothing. If sunscreen ever comes up in conversation I try to get everyone present to try it.
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(Gaa, but it is not clear. I'm sorry, I missed that in my enthusiasm.)
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I second bullfrog, it's alcohol based so it dries really fast (and has that awesome-feeling skin-cooling effect).
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Sunscreen lotion? I like Lubriderm's sunscreen lotion - I think it's SPF 15 or 30... I can't recall. It dries nicely and isn't sticky at all - I use it nearly every day during the summer. It comes in a bottle with a purple top.
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I third the new Bullfrog quick gel.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! (If I had thought to use the word "transparent" rather than "clear", I would have found out about the Neutrogena situation, but not all the other great information.) I'm off to the store ... well, soon, anyway ... to stock up on alternatives. Although, to be frank, here in Seattle we don't get all that much intense sun.
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