What is a site where users can post individual articles without having a blog?
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What is a web site where users can post articles without having a dedicated blog?

I would like to post articles that I can link to in emails, social networks, etc. However, I don't want to post the articles in a dedicated blog or tumblr account, or anything that implies a series of posts. Is there a site where users can simply post an article, receive comments, etc?

Let me know if I need to clarify further.
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Don't mean to be snarky, but why not MetaFilter?
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lukemeister, I think kingtaj means he wants to post stuff he's written himself. Self-linking at Metafilter will get him banned in a heartbeat.
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Facebook is another.
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Is Posterous the kind of thing you're looking for?
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You can make self posts on reddit.

Of course, this would make what you are writing potentially very public, and you wouldn't have the ability to moderate/control the comments.
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This is what Scribd is for (besides posting whole books in violation of copyright). You can also use Google Docs, or make a site at Google Sites.
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I'm not sure why you are hung up on the word blog, but online articles that you can comment on and link to are pretty much the textbook description of blog posts. There is nothing necessarily implied about a series. You can blog once per year if you want to. Nobody cares. Set up a Wordpress.com or Blogger account and be done with it. Use a template that keeps the posts off the front page and nobody will even know they are there, unless they have a link from you.

Or use Notes on Facebook and set them to public.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I will try to clarify a bit.

Facebook, Posterous, Metafilter, and reddit all associate posts with a user and maintain a "stream" of posts. I am looking for a site that would allow anonymous posts and would not associate posts with a user's stream. (Though I would imagine such a site could allow you to log in and moderate comments optionally, but this is not very important to me.)
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FWIW, I've wondered this a bit lately and I'm very well entrenched on the blog, tumblelog, and social media path and have many of each. Just having a place for "one-off" essays separate to all of my usual outlets would be rather handy, though.

I thought I'd point out one super-simple solution though: Wrttn.in. It might be too bare bones for you but it would certainly let you write/post an article and give you a URL with which to share it. I think you might even be able to copy and paste in some Disqus (or similar) code if you wanted to put comments on a specific page.
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posturown.com is a collection of "one-off" articles.

Much like Wrttn.in mentioned by wackybrit, is an incredibly easy single-page editor with full WYSIWYG UI and you are given a unique URL for each article (or whatever) to link to. It's called DinkyPage - no sign-up required. I've used several of these and it's by far the best of the lot, imo. The nice thing about this site is it gives you complete anonymity (if you so desire) and it's just so easy.
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QuietWrite may fit what you're looking for if you can do without the comments.
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You can just write something in Google Docs and set the sharing settings on that document to be publicly visible. Then people who have the URL could visit it, but no sequence or stream is implied.
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I donno if it quite fits your need, but Helium.com (my employer fwiw) or one of it's kin, like associatedcontentent.com, might work for you.
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