Living wrinkle free?
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Dressy slacks - wrinkle free/very wrinkle resistant... Do they exist?

Wanting to dress up a bit more at work - eschew the cotton pants for wool or wool-like trousers. Problem is that I'm quite pressed for time, and have also gotten spoiled by the wrinkle free/no-iron shirts, which are just about good enough for everything except customer presentations...

I have plenty of the no-iron cotton pants - wanting something dressier, and I don't have as much time as I'd like to drop off and pick up at the cleaners on a regular basis - are there any options for me?
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My 100% wool slacks never seem to wrinkle.
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You mentioned not having time to go to the dry cleaners very often, so I'm guessing you're wanting washable wool? If so, you definitely have options. I don't know what your price range is or what kinds of stores you prefer, but if you search for "washable wool pants" or "poly blend wool pants" you'll get lots of shopping results.
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My thin wool dress pants rarely wrinkle. I have a few and rotate them, making sure to hang them up between uses the same way they come to be from the cleaners - and I usually go anywhere from 5 to 12 uses between dry cleaning. YMMV

In case you haven't heard the trick, hanging them in a steamy bathroom while you shower is a popular way to get wrinkles to fall out. 5 mins in the drier works pretty well, too.
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I bought 3 pairs of (women's) dress slacks from target (2 merona, 1 mossimo). they are 100% poly but look/feel like light wool tweed, 1 herringbone, 2 houndstooth. they are machine washable. When I hang them on the hanger, I mate the seams and pinch my fingers down the front and back pleats and they look perfect.
about $22/each.
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I bought a few pairs of "Producer" men's pants from Express. I have never ironed them and have never had problems with wrinkles. I take them to the dry cleaners every 4-10 wears.

Now, I don't wear them weekly - they just hang in my closet and are used once every 3-6 weeks. But in my experience they can survive for hours in a packed suitcase and, as long as they're packed with just a little care, they don't get wrinkles. And wearing them all day doesn't result in wrinkles either. Perhaps I'm accidentally doing some kind of voodoo to avoid wrinkles, but speaking as a guy who HATES wrinkles and who irons his shirts compulsively, these pants have never given me problems. Maybe you could buy one pair to try out and see if you get the same results.
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The gabardine slacks at Brooks Brothers never wrinkle on me. If hung or packed properly, they will really survive a while without any wrinkles.
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There are decent polyester trousers that don't need drycleaning. I grew up with snobbish loathing for "polyester," but the newer polyester fabrics have nice matte finish, smooth drape, are stain resistant, and wrinkle free. Some fabrics have wicking or quick dry properties so that they are cooler than cotton! Travel outfitters like Travelsmith or Norm Thomson, or better men's clothiers like Brooks Brothers or Jos. A. Banks would have good looking polyester trousers.

Use trouser hangers [two flat boards that compress the hem, so the pants fall with the waistband at the bottom.] Agree with toodleydoodley, if you mate the inseams together, and then match the outseams to the inseams, the crease will fall in the correct position down the Center Front of the leg. Sometimes I use a clothespin on the hem right at the crease point.
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