Industrial shelving for kitchen
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I'm looking for cool, industrial-looking shelving for my kitchen. Specifically, I love these from CB2, but they're not deep enough (I'd prefer 12 inches to 8).

I know I can just buy some of the wire milk crate-type boxes and make my own, but I'd much rather have something pre-made. Has anyone here seen such a thing? Any other cool, metal shelving ideas out there?

They will be wall-mounted.
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Have you checked out your local restaurant supply shop? I don't remember seeing the cube look there, but they have lots and lots of industrial options that might be more utilitarian.
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Try Metro commercial shelving. I have this at home, it's rock solid. I've seen it in restaurants as well.
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I got something that looks like the Metro shelving, but it was from Home Depot and only cost $100. 6 shelves (18" deep, 48" wide), 4 72" poles. Weight limit is 600 lb. per shelf, evenly distributed. Setup was fast and relatively easy by myself, would have been even faster with another person.

Oh, crap, just reread and saw the wall-mounted requirement. You could design your own and get your local metal fabrication shop to make them for you. Maybe something made from metal plates that normally serve a different purpose?
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Best answer: What's your price range? These metal cubes are sold in a group or separately and doors and extra shelves, etc., are optional. They're solid, by the way, rather than mesh. I'm pretty sure they can be wall-mounted, but I'm not 100% sure.

That said, Metro is awesome in kitchens.
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Here is the page I should have linked you to -- where you can see the cubes on a wall and for sale a la carte.
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I love my iron folding bookcase from the Container Store (the shelves are open slats). Not wall-mounted, but very portable.
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IKEA Omar.
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Actual industrial-spec shelving is sold be industrial surplus companies in my part of the world. You might find something near you (wherever that is).
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Best answer: Elfa. Not especially cheap. You install a hanger track near the ceiling, hang vertical standards from that, and clip shelf brackets onto the standards, so you've got more flexibility in shelf height, and they make a bunch of different shelf depths. I like the fact that it's completely off the floor—makes cleaning easier.
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Ikea Broder. Love them!
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Some really nifty, creative friends of mine added 5, full height, refurb athletic lockers to the end of their kitchen for this. The ones in the (US) football locker rooms that you can put your shoulder pads and helmet in. They rigged shelving into them, painted them funky, and they're awesome. I'm duplicating the idea in a bit more subdued color scheme in my kitchen remodel.
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