Help me find a movie to watch, please
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Is there a website that tells if a movie is available on a premium, on demand or netflix instant watch, and where to find it?

Maybe I am just not searching correctly. I would like to be able to find out if a movie I want to see is available to watch on my tv immediately. I have to check the regular tv listing, all of the premium on demand websites, sho, hbo etc., and netflix. I would really like to be able to go to one site, put in the movie and see if and where I can watch it. Is there such a place?
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Who do you have as your cable/satellite operator?
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Response by poster: Unfortunately it is a town/city owned cable company, not one of the big ones, so fancast etc. won't work.
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IMDB will have a "Watch It" link in the upper left under the film's poster if it's available on Amazon or Fancast, among other services.
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I can't answer the whole question but I do use to see what's on Netflix instant watch. It lets you add things to your queue right from the site, as well, which is pretty sweet.
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Hello Movies is the closest I can think of.
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Actually I think that's more for TV . . . sorry about that. Good site though.
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