Free, casual Go Stop game online?
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My mom wants to play [the Korean card game] Go Stop online for free but doesn't have a KSSN. What are her options besides HeyKorea?

My mom wants to play Go Stop online but all the Korean portal sites like Naver require a Korean ID, which my mom doesn't have.

I found one site that lets you play but after losing 2 games, she ran out of credits and it'll take a week to re-up for free.

Yahoo Games used to have a good, free option but no longer.

Are there any other optiions available for her?
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I found this but can't vouch for it.
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There might be KSSN generators available (legality questionable). I recall some kind of list of KSSNs that people used to get into a beta of a Korean MMORPG, but those usually involve matching names and other personal information. Otherwise, check your friends/relatives/university international students?
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