I am looking for specific computer backup software
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I have True Image 8 and Norton Ghost 9.... They both do fine job in cloning hard drives.. but I can not trust incremental backup and images... I tried about a half dozen time trying to restore files using both software.. absolutely NONE of them was successful... damaged images, files... etc.. I already lost serveral pictures and data... So.. I am looking for file to file backup type software that can incrementally copy files/folders to another networked computer's harddrive without compressing or imaging.... This way... I can always have two exact copies all the time... SecondCopy was one that was suggested... Is there more popular well known.. proven software like this?
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You didn't specify a budget, so I'd suggest Veritas Backup Exec 10 (Oh, stop that, you cynics). As a part of its regular backup-to-tape (etc) jobs, you can specify that you'd like to additionally backup-to-drive, giving you an exact incremental backup that can be retrieved in real time.

After a catastrophic drive failure last month of the office's email and file server, I'm now using that product (with the Exchange AddOn) along with Windows 2003's own Dynamic Disk system to replicate the contents of the main drive to a mirror drive.
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You want Syncback. It's free and I've been using it for over a year with no problems like those you've mentioned.

It's quite powerful, but will requite some fiddling to get it to do exactly right for you.
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Dantz Retrospect works well and has Mac and PC clients. The only limitation I know of is that it won't backup more than 2GB from a Mac to a Windows server because of the limitations of SMB. Other than that it is easy to use and a great interface.
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I have limited budget especially after purchasing Norton Systemworks Pro, TrueImage 8, and Steganos Security Suite.... I probably should have planned my security issue before buying each software and find out i need something else.... (current budget... may be $60)
I have a laptop and desktop.. I have to carry around a lot of sensitive data... Following is my computer flow at the moment... maybe some one can give me some advice...

Belkins Pre-n wireless router is directly connected to desktop (all the security setting on)... both computer has zonealam and windows xp firewall turned on.....Steganos Security Safe software is running both computers.. now all i want to do is copy those security safe from laptop to desktop's raid drive at least once a day automatically via wireless network... (Security Safe is encrypted virtual drive...so what ever the backup software I need use should handle this type of file too)

If I am doing something wrong or have more suggestions for super safe, secure, and practical... I will appreciate any suggestions
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RichLyon, I need to copy over 60gb data...
ascullion, Secondcopy vs syncback...? which would be more reputable..? I would like to think longterm... Symantec or Acronis as companies are at least big enough companies not to go bellyup.... even though their products are somewhat questionable....

Thanks for all these quick suggestions... This is my first post and I am glad I am part of this group.. I hope I can be someone's help in the future...
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I've been using SyncBackSE following the advice of MarkTAW and have been happy with it. I paid $15 for the SE version, mainly for the multiple versioned backups feature...something you may not need.

Their discussion forum is very active and they seem pretty sharp...who knows if they'll be around in 5 or 10 years but I'd recommend them.
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(SyncBack is) quite powerful, but will requite some fiddling to get it to do exactly right for you

I'd agree...I really like my setup now but it took me a while to get it just so...definitely not plug and play but quite powerful.
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I can't really vouch for Syncback beyond my own experience - which has been very good - as my needs are just home user stuff. I've had no problems, but I'm not pushing it or the company that hard.
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It seems like SyncBack has more following here than SecondCopy software... I used the SecondCopy few years back... and it seemed fine except back than it couldn't handle large files..... They are still around....though...
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You can download a trial version of Smartsync Pro which I think will do what you're looking for. It's $35 but when I went to uninstall the trial version, the offer price came down by half.
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hmm.. After further review and advice... I have decided to go with SyncBack... The ability to copy locked files was deciding point... It is great that computer will backup while my outlook is running....which is most of the time when my computer is on.....

Thanks every one... I again.. appreciate every one's comments... and This first experience with AskMetafilter has been exceptional....
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curiousleo: I need to copy over 60gb data...

as long as you don't want to in the rather specialised circumstance of copying from a Mac to a Windows server, you are in good shape with Retrospect - mine are 80 GB+

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Retrospect, Retrospect, Retrospect.
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Forgive the derail please, but -- Wow. There must be something I'm missing here, if all these people are recommending Retrospect. I've been using Retrospect here at work (pure Windows shop), and I detest it with a passion unholy.
After using BackupExec, Arcserve, and a few other packages, Retrospect seems to have the _least_ intuitive interface for setting up backups. Is there a "make it less retarded" option that I'm missing?
Not actually trying to be snarky -- that's just how Retrospect seems to me. It makes no sense!
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