Tourist ideas for old weird Atlanta
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Cool things in Atlanta and surrounds for two travelers.

I am traveling to Atlanta with my partner in the middle of March. We will be attending a conference (PyCon!) at the Hyatt but are looking for things to do in the area (at most an hour or two's drive from downtown Atlanta). We will have access to a car and metro passes and aren't afraid to hoof it. We are in our late twenties/early thirties and weird.

We like:
craft stores
veg*n food (Soul Veg was greatly enjoyed by my companion last time he was in Atlanta)
history/ Civil War stuff
art/culture stuff
queer/kink stuff
science/geeky stuff
physical activity and the great outdoors

So Atlantans or nearby, what delightful things are there to do in your town?
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Cafe Sunflower (Vegan/veg)

Weird bar:
Clermont Lounge (duh.)

Queer bar:

Paris on Ponce

Sweet Auburn (Also, if you catch her, there's a junk-seller-lady with awesome mid-century stuff on Boulevard near Dekalb Ave. She's mean, though. I used to call her the "Bitch on Boulevard.")


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Art/Culture: Center for Puppetry Arts. The museum is great if you're interested in puppets in general, or Jim Henson in particular. The performances can be truly amazing -- I saw some really creepy adult shows there.
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A couple of nearby outdoorsy suggestions:

You can combine some hiking or trail-running with some civil war history at the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. Hike to the top of Kennesaw Mountain for some good views. Depending on traffic, a 30-45 minute drive from the Hyatt.

We also have a network of trails following the Chattahoochee river which cuts through Atlanta: Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area. I would specifically recommend the Pallisades East trailhead, off of Mt. Paran Road/Harris Trail. You'll be passing a bunch of million dollar houses and suddenly there will be a "driveway" that takes you to a gravel parking lot to access the trails. Very scenic, maybe 20 minutes from downtown.
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+1 on clermont lounge, love that place

check out whats on at the plaza theatre, they show the Room a lot

R thomas deluxe grill has weird birds in cages and hippy stuff all over the place

check out creative loafing for ideas
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The Fernbank Museum is good for science and dinosaur stuff.
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Oakland Cemetery. Beautiful place with many famous people (Margaret Mitchell, etc.); not far from Sweet Auburn / MARTA stops.
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Also, Stone Mountain (largest hunk of exposed granite on the face of the earth) is a pleasant visit - very nice climb (unless you'd like to pay for a lift) and, on pleasant days, great views from the top. Personally I prefer Kennesaw, but whatever.
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The Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory is cool and in March there are a few special exhibitions that will be on in March as well as the regular collection. It's pretty easy bus-wise to do Carlos on the same day as Fernbank.
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Warning: I don't think Eyedrum, listed above, is open right now. They recently left the space that's listed on the website; and, as far as I know, haven't opened in their new location (or listed it on the web page, oddly).

Second on Cafe Sunflower and Oakland Cemetery. Third on the Clermont.

If you like Civil War stuff, you've hit the mother lode:

Also, the Cyclorama in Grant Park is worth a visit. It's a bit touristy; but hey, it's the biggest painting in the world.
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Sweetwater Creek State Park has good hiking and the ruins of a mill that was burned down in the Civil War. So that covers two of your categories.
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