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Please help me find a folder I have bookmarked on my computer.

I have a folder that is labeled "Education" under my bookmarks. I can bookmark web pages to this folder but I cannot retrieve or open this folder. It shows up ion the top of the list when I want to save something to the folder. When I attempt to retrieve it, it can not be seen. I can see all of my other folders under bookmarks but this one is invisible. I have looked in all existing folders since I know folders can sometimes end up sub-categorized in another folder.

I am using Firefox on a Toshiba laptop.

How can I retrieve this folder and its contents? Thank you so much.
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Try Ctrl + Shift + B to open "Organize Bookmarks" (or go to Bookmarks on the FF Menu Bar, click on it and choose "Organize Bookmarks") to open your Bookmark Library. Once at the Library, type Education in the Search Box on the top right.
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Sorry, I read your question wrong, looks like you can find the Folder but not its contents.
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Go to your Firefox profile directory and find the bookmarkbackups subdirectory, inside of which should be a bunch of bookmarks-(date).json files. You can view these with a text editor or with this bit of JS. Regardless of what the booksmarks interface in the browser says, if your bookmarks exist they should be in that file somewhere.
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Response by poster: Thank you, Rob Rockets.

I can see the folder when I attempt to save something. Say I am on a webpage. I want to bookmark it. I click Bookmark. Next, I click "Bookmark this page". I then pull down the Bookmarks Menu and "Education" is listed. I can save the page to "Education". This is where it ends.

When I go to Organize Bookmarks and attempt to search for Education, nothing comes up. All of the links I have saved to the Education folder are not there.

Rhomboid, I will try this. As soon as I find out what a Firefox profile directory is. :-)

Thanks to you both.
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I'm no expert but go to Start > Run and type firefox.exe -ProfileManager
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How to locate the profile directory.
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When you go to Organize Bookmarks, you'll see a bunch of items on the left with arrows by them. If you click and arrow that points left, it turns down and shows what's inside it. On my computer, I have to either scroll all the way down to find my "Bookmarks Menu" or turn all the previous arrows left.

Putting things in the "Bookmarks Menu" puts them in the menu at the top of Firefox. I personally file all mine in the "Bookmarks Toolbar"
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Response by poster: I found it! Thanks all. I followed your advice, advicepig. It was under "Unsorted Bookmarks" duh! Thanks to everyone!
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