I lost some of the web, can you help me find it?
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I live in Okinawa, Japan using NTT fiber internet and about 2-3 weeks ago I noticed that I am unable to access specific government sites (tsp.gov, mypay.dfas.mil) along with randomly fark.com. My google-fu has pointed me to possibly something involving DNS, but not sure what to go from there. Any ideas (details below)

I can access the sites on my Iphone (softbank) so I know its not restrictive to Japan. I was accessing them before for two years, on both Mac and Win7 on different computers and Chrome, Safari, and IE, but no joy. When I use a proxy server (useful for Netflicks) I can access the sites again.. but that doesn't seem safe, and more so I'm curious to the change.

When I ping the sites, I get 100% packet loss... so I'm stumped.
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If you're concerned it might be DNS, try manually specifying Google Public DNS -- and -- in your DNS setup. I'm not sure that will solve your problem, but considering it's a 30 second thing, it's worth trying for troubleshooting.
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Have you contacted your local NTT office to see why you'd packet loss from those sites? NTT should be doing no filtering afaik.
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What site are you pinging? Many sites do not respond to ping activity. You should instead try running tracert (tracert tsp.gov) which will show you the actual route your data takes across the internet. If you're testing failing DNS, try running tracert to which is what tsp.gov resolves to.
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Any chance you've been moved to a address? We had some problems with City Telecom in Hong Kong because of this in the last couple weeks. The 14.x.x.x block of addresses used to be reserved, and many places treated it as 'martian', and not routable - if they saw a packet from it, it would be ignored.

Bad news is that if this is your problem, there's not that much that can be done to resolve it on your side.
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