Checks without (or at least nontacky) margin advertisements?
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Time to buy checks, and not from my bank. Which check companies don't advertise themselves in the margins of their product? I'll settle for checks with phrases that don't scream out "We sell checks!"

I'd rather not have checks that say things like "" etc in the margins. Even the word "checks": for example, "ACME Checks".

Though I'm okay with the bland, nonblatantly-check phrases such as "Clarke American" and "Guardian Safety Blue Paper" on my current checks.

Thanks, hivemind!
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I just ordered checks, and got them from Harland Clarke. Technically, I guess, I ordered them through Wells Fargo -- the link on the Wells Fargo page for check ordering went to Harland Clarke. I don't understand the distinction, really, in your question -- are you looking for a cost savings? At any rate, I ordered the Blue Sheffield style, and actually had to look at the checks to see that it was labeled at all. It is, and you can see the labeling if you look at the linked picture -- in the tiniest print at the bottom left corner, it says "Harland Clarke" and on the bottom right corner it says "Blue Sheffield" but this is in about 6 point font or smaller. The total cost was $25.95 for a box of duplicate checks. If I didn't get the carbon copy duplicates, it would have been cheaper.
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Best answer: Checks In The Mail
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Seconding Checks in the Mail.
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Best answer: I've used walmart online for my checks for my businesses for a few years now. Very easy, very cheap, they arrived in a few days, nothing in the margins
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Best answer: I don't generally shop at Walmart much, but I was very pleased with the checks I got from them, which were of reasonable quality, cheap, and yeah, nothing on them says that they came from Walmart.
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Best answer: We got our last set from, good quality, all of the relevant security features - certainly no advertising.
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Checks in the Mail. Look online for coupons.
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You might want to stop by your branch and have a banker take a look at your accounts. Often if you have something as simple as direct deposit, you can have your account converted to something that gets you free checks (assuming we're talking about consumer and not business accounts).
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I use Message Products, because they also donate a portion of their proceeds to whatever charitable institution you're supporting with your themed check (in other words -- a portion of what I pay for my "scenes from National Parks" checks goes to support National Parks).
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