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What are the "big" active lawsuits Google is involved in right now?

Justia's aggregation of PACER documents seems like a great tool here, but there are 174 results on the federal court docket search with "google" in the name and many of those are things like single-plaintiff employment cases.

On the other hand, the company's most recent SEC filing doesn't mention any specific cases by name. (No surprise there.)

Lexis/Westlaw/Google Scholar is not that great for this task, because hits from those sources only show court opinions and there can be hotly contested lawsuits which have not yet resulted in a released opinion.

Also, FWIW, the first Google search result for "Google lawsuits" does not seem to be regularly updated.

I am starting to slog through the Justia results, but figured the cases that the Hive Mind is aware of might provide the most fruitful start to my reading.
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You linked to Google's 10Q. Its 10K (its annual report) is usually more detailed; that said, I've never seen either an annual report or a quarterly report make reference to specific cases in which the company is involved. Its Management's Discussion and Analysis may make reference to general litigation which poses a risk to the company, but it usually does not cite cases by name.
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Response by poster: dfriedman, yeah, most reports I've seen don't call out specific lawsuits. But Wal-Mart's 10Q does mention the Dukes v. Wal-Mart gender discrimination lawsuit by name, and I recall the MSFT reports discussed the USDOJ action (when it was pending). At some level of "bigness" (of both company and lawsuit) it seems to get mentioned, which is why I checked the SEC filings in the first place.
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Off the top of my head ... google is still involved in numerous privacy issues related to WIFI data collected by street view cars, especially in Europe. Google is also involved in numerous small "border skirmishes" with Apple and Microsoft ... e.g. Microsoft - travel search. ... and Google is involved in numerous monopoly-competition law inquiries of varying levels of progress.
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If you're looking for the "big" lawsuits, you may be better off doing an initial search in the business/technology sections of major newspaper websites or doing a LexisNexis academic (rather than legal) search of business publications .

Some recently filed ones and some that are not ongoing but are possibilities in the near future: US Antitrust, Europe Antitrust, Viacom appeal, Paul Allen refile, Oracle.
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Google and YouTube recently won summary judgment in the suit brought by Viacom, but that's being appealed to the Ninth Circuit.
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If you have access to PACER or a library with access, go there for details. Some of the cases listed above will have number associated with them, but most won't.
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