Good Local Food in Baltimore
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Where's the best restaurant around Williams St in Baltimore to eat, specifically crab or other local specialties?

We are a group going on a cruise and will have a day around the pier to enjoy local places. Three of us are disabled due to a motorcycle crash, so walking far is not an option, but we can drive as we will have a car. We want to enjoy some local seafood preferably but a nice tavern would be good also. Also, anything other then food (sightseeing-ish) near the pier we should not miss? Thanks!
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Best answer: If I'm reading this right, it sound's like you're cruise is around the Inner Harbor. Good news, you'll be at Baltimore's biggest tourist attraction. You've got the Aquarium, the Federal Hill, and the other Habor attractions. Fort McHenry, where the National Anthem was written, is a short drive from William St. Bad news, most of the stuff at the Habor is really touristy and most of the crab houses are closed for the season. Parking and traffic around the Harbor are also pretty rough. The Rusty Scupper is probably the closest place from where you are landing. Bo Brook's in Canton is your best bet by car. Captain James Crabhouse and Nick's Fish House are also short car rides away.
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Best answer: Whenever I'm in Baltimore, I make it a point to stop by Ryleigh's Oyster House in Federal Hill.
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Response by poster: Thank you!
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