The easy way to sit up in bed.
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I am looking to get one of those seatbacks that you can put in your bed, that will allow you to sit up in bed with minimal effort. Let me clarify - this is not a recliner. It's almost as if someone took a car seat and cut the tush part off, but added a bit near the bottom for stability. What is the offical term for them, and where can I find them?
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Like this? I've always heard them called "boyfriend pillows", but the Google results for that are pretty much dominated by this type of "boyfriend pillow". I had one in university, and I'm pretty sure I got it at Wal-Mart or Bed, Bath, & Beyond.
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Ah, apparently they're more commonly called husband pillows. Target calls them bed rest pillows.
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Yes! That's it! I would never have guessed that they would be called Boyfriend or Husband pillows. Bed Rest Pillow makes more sense. Thank you both.
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I would LOVE one of these things: Bedlounge.
More expensive than the other suggestions, but looks like it is much more robust & supportive which I think is important if it's going to be used a lot.

Those ones that are part of a torso with an arm are seriously creepy. I'd feel like I was sleeping with a muppet who was brutally murdered.
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If you want something that will allow you to actually sit—as opposed to semi-recline—with "minimal effort," you want a backjack.
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We have a bedrest pillow and I find it very uncomfortable to use. The Bedlounge looks much more useable.
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I adore my bedrest/husband pillow.
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