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Who are some good examples of sex-positive performers or sex workers from non-White backgrounds? (Porn stars, burlesque performers, erotic artists, strippers, erotic models, porn producers, erotica writers, etc)

Examples: Jiz Lee, Sunny Leone, Shine Louise Houston, Brown Girls Burlesque, Judy Minx, Syd Blacovich, Margaret Cho

I'd especially appreciate people with some sort of web presence, and I'd like some examples from outside San Francisco (or the US) since my list so far seems to be SF-heavy.
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Asia Carrera
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First person that came to my mind was Josephine Baker but I gather you're looking for contemporary performers, so I offer you Yumi Umiumare.
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Do you have Athena Douris?
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Response by poster: ooo Josephine Baker's a good one (it's for a presentation and it's great to have some historical perspective)
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Do you know Shannon Barber? She's a black woman who writes great queer erotica and has a blog here.
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Came to endorse Midori (met her a couple times, she's great), but Molly did that already. Consider this a second.
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Sook-Yin Lee
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Zane, a Black erotica writer. She was also one of the producers of the former late-night Cinemax series, Zane's Sex Chronicles (which featured a predominantly non-White cast).
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Masuimi Max
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Mollena is awesome, a sex educator. Can't search on my blackberry too well but I think she's at
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Grace is talking about The Perverted Negress, actually at

And I know this because we (obviously) share the same bookmarks.
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I've worked with Akynos, she's a good resource for this kind of thng.
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Ignacio Rivera.
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Kelly Marin/Dragonlily and Satine Phoenix (ex-porn star, now makes comic books and plays D&D!).
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Are you interested in drag queens and other queer performers?
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The fabulously-named Alotta Boutte.
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Sophia St. James.
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Response by poster: gingerbeer: yes!
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Hyapatia Lee.
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Nenna Joiner

Her site also has porn for & by persons of color, so there are some more performers for you.
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Recently happened upon May Ling Su, and her blog is sex-positive and interesting to read. Sometimes her journals are a bit personal in terms of her experiences, but informative and you definitely have the feel that she's a real person instead of someone that just happens to have sex and posts it online.
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Annabel Chong, sort-of-yet-not. I haven't seen anything she's participated in, but I saw part of a documentary about her on Channel 4 years ago (it was probably this) and I thought she was trying very hard to be (or convince everyone and herself that she was) the sort of person you're describing, but wasn't really. According to wiki, she quit her porn-career 7 years ago and wishes to have it never spoken of again.
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