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How can an AT&T customer (like me) switch to an unlocked Dell Streak? (Details within . . .)

I know nothing about cell phones. I am an AT&T customer and I use an HTC Tilt 2. I have an unlimited data plan. I rarely use the phone, and need something that is more suitable for web surfing. I have an opportunity to get an unlocked Dell Streak at a big discount. Can simply move the SIM card from one phone to the other and be off and running? What is the procedure to start using the Streak, and how might it affect my contract? Will I need to contact AT&T about this, or will the switch be invisible to them?
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It'll be pretty much invisible, yes. Assuming you get the US version of the streak (which is already set up to use AT&T's 3g service) you should be able to pop it in and go.
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The phone should automatically pick up all the network settings for data and whatnot, and you'll be good to go. 99% of the time it "just works". The other 1% of the time, you can pull the settings off of AT&T's web site. I use "unlocked" phones with AT&T all the time, and I've never needed to add manual settings for anything.
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It's pretty easy for them to tell which device you're using based on http headers, but so far the US mobile providers don't seem to care too much.
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Some carriers charge a lower rate for the data plan when you use Windows Mobile. Sprint, for instance, raised my data rates when I switched from a Windows Mobile phone to a Palm Pre.
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