Why do I get a *fresh* AskMetafilter.com cookie when loading a YouTube page?
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Why do I get a *fresh* AskMetafilter.com browser cookie when loading a YouTube page? I also get one on YouTube from Alternet.org, quantserve and scorecardresearch. The latter two are obvious. But WTF?

What I mean by fresh is that I delete all but whitelisted cookies, I didn't have AskMeFi on the whitelist, I had NO non-whitelisted cookies, and then got a new AskMeFi one from YouTube.
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How are you deleting the cookies?

And you should just turn off third party cookies.
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This should be in MetaTalk.
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Response by poster: I use selectivecookiedelete for Firefox
and I use the Prefbar extension cookie button to toggle the general accepting status.

As for 'should be in MetaTalk', I considered that but the description said that should be ~about~ the sites, not what happens on other sites like YouTube. But now I guess I'll post there.
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I'm gonna go ahead and close this now.
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It's impossible for a server at one domain to set a cookie under another domain, unless one is a subdomain of the other. This is the fundamental model of cookie security. A so-called third party cookie occurs when a page on one domain specifies that the browser should load an asset hosted at another domain, but the fundamental rule still applies: that server can only read/write cookies set within its domain (and lesser-specific subdomains down the second level or second level-equivalent.) The only way to get an ask.metafilter.com cookie is to load some asset hosted on the ask.metafilter.com server.
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Yeah, if you're asking about a Metafilter-specific cookie, it should definitely be in MeTa. In addition, pb (who deals with MeFi's code and would be most able to answer the question) is much more likely to see the question there.
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