Want to make my own fruit teas
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I would like to purchase dried fruit bits so that I can make my own fruit teas. I already have plain white/green tea, so I just need the fruit bits. Can anyone recommend a good site that sells just the fruit bits, as opposed to pre-mixed fruit teas?
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There's a company called Just Tomatoes that makes freeze dried fruit. I've used it before to make my own instant oatmeal and it works really well. Easy to find online (try Amazon.com) or at Whole Foods.
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I just realized you can buy the fruit directly from the Just Tomatoes site. Delicious!
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I have had surprisingly good luck buying dried fruit at Walgreens, of all places. No HFCS or colorings, a good variety, and cheap. I dunno if you can buy it from them online, but given the ubiquity of Walgreens, I thought I'd mention it.
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Look for dried hibiscus flowers, often labeled "jamaica." It makes awesome tea by itself or in combination with other ingredients. I bought mine at the grocery store, but Amazon sells it, too.
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We've been just saving our citrus peels and throwing them into the next day's white tea steeping pot, and it's really quite good. Not perhaps what you are looking for in a fruit tea, but a nice aromatic twist on the otherwise very mild white tea taste.
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