Moving a truckload of eBooks
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I have a Kindle 3 (WiFi and 3G model) that's been replaced. The replacement Kindle has all of my Amazon books shown in the "Archived Items" section. How can I get all of these transferred to my new device without downloading them one at a time? The kicker: I have over a hundred free Kindle books that are apparently encrypted, so just copying from the old Kindle to the new Kindle returns an error when I try to read them.
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Best answer: You can push your Kindle purchases to your device en masse (sort of) from this Amazon page.

Just select your device from the dropdown for Deliver To... at the very bottom under Your Orders. It will send it without leaving the page, so you can just tear through that page.

Still have to go through them all, but dramatically quicker this way than manually on the Kindle itself.

(If you're feeling ambitious, you can actually tab into the dropdown, use the down arrow to select your entry, and then tab to the next entry by hitting tab twice. It will send that book as you move away from the field. Mine is one down arrow, so , , gets me firing them off to the Kindle at breakneck speed.)
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Response by poster: That's what I wound up doing. I was just hoping there was a single link that said "fetch everything for [specified] Kindle in one big ZIP file" or something. Thanks for the tip. :)
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No problem. Amazon's a bit disorganized with Kindle management stuff. If you visit, you can even view your highlights and such.
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