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I bought an Ipod Nano off a friend (4th gen). He was running the latest version of Itunes. I have A G5 Mac with OSX Version 10.4.11. The newest version of Itunes Apple will allow me to download is Itunes 8.2.1. My computer can't access the Ipod at all. help me?

#1 I don't mind losing the stuff on the Ipod - all podcasts.
#2 It charges just fine through the Mac.
#3 it never asked to reformat, even though my friend ran his Itunes on Windows..why?
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I don't think they are formatted Windows/Mac anymore. I think Mac just uses the FAT32 or some such.

If you fire up iTunes while it is plugged in does iTune see a device? You should be able to hit "restore" and then select "Restore as new device."

If that doesn't work, try to do that on a PC first, then see if your mac sees it (it should).
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Best answer: Hm...are you sure you can't upgrade to iTunes 9.2.1? Try this link.
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Have you tried rebooting the computer? Also, try removing iTunes and then reinstalling it.
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iPod nano (4th generation) Technical Specifications suggests your combination of 10.4.11 and iTunes 8 should work. iPod not recognized in iTunes and Mac desktop has five basic suggestions.
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Response by poster: Wow, i thought I'd really researched this.
Thanks so much - it's fixed.
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