What is the best deal out there on a New Yorker subscription?
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What is the best deal I can get on a New Yorker subscription. Last time I renewed my subscription I used the lowest price I found on the internet/mailings and said that I wanted that price and the umbrella. I know they have had $26 deals out there? Anyone got any good offers lately? I saw Amazon is selling subscriptions for a year for $40, on the New Yorker website you can also get a calendar with that. Anything better?
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I was JUST dealing with this. They send out all these stupid emails and mailings with different prices. So yesterday I called Conde Nast and asked for the "best price they could give me." I got a subscription for $30. Someone on MeFi suggested this, so I can't take credit, but I also can't remember who it was.
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I don't know, but they just sent me a "Thank you for choosing the Auto-Renew feature" letter indicating it would be for $76!

Gonna have to get to the bottom of that. (Hopefully that's for 2 years.)
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Rather, I got two subscriptions for $30 a piece, so perhaps if you only want one they can give you a gift or a lower price.
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Okay, so I called to see what was up with that...

On preview: what griphus said. Only I did 2 more years for $59.90

Sweet. All set for procrastinating materials.
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In the interest of less confusion, the first thing griphus said.
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Just as a data point, the last time I had to renew I called them and said, "It makes me mad that you offer new subscribers a lower price when I've been a loyal customer for years." The customer service person immediately dropped me down to $30/year.
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Yeah, I learned long ago to ignore the offers they send me and just give them a call when time is running out on my subscription. Last time they gave me $30 for the first year and a second year for $25.
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So I finally got around to calling, I tried the $30 for the first year, $25 the second and it didn't work. She said she needed a promotion code.

What I did get was $99 for three years + a tote bag. This is the same deal as on the internet when you google or you go to their website. At the end of the transaction she said I could have another year for an extra $30, I said yes (which I guess isn't really a good deal since leaving that $30 in the bank for 4 years would cover relevant subscription increases--BUT I don't have to call!). The only benefit from phoning it in was that I don't get automatically renewed, which is really where they get you.
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