Where in NYC can I go to work on my bicycle?
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Where can I do bike maintenance in New York City?

My bicycle is long-overdue for some moderate-level maintenance. I need to replace the cassette, chain, and control cables, and give everything else a once-over. I can do all of this myself, but my apartment is small and shared. There's no room for a bike stand on which to mount the bike while I work on it.

I know shared bike workshop spaces exist in other cities, but preliminary googling hasn't revealed anything like that in NYC. Am I really SOL, or do I just not know what to look for? NYC cyclists, where do you do your bike maintenance? I'm willing to pay for the privilege.
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Best answer: Google found me this co-op, never been there as I live in Tennessee.
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Response by poster: Wow, got it in one. Maybe I just forgot to search for "co-op." Thanks!
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I live in New York, ride a bike, and highly recommend Times Up. They're a great group to get involved with, in general.

There may be hoops to jump through to get open access to their workshop, but it probably won't be anything more than "attend a half-hour How Not To Fuck Up Our Tools seminar".
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