What exactly is a drape anyways?
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Help me dress for this party!

Well, JulietBanana's AskMe covers the dress code. I have no idea where to begin. (What do drapes and squares even mean?!) Help me find something to wear! (She's already offered to do my makeup.)

Size: 26 or 3X

Budget: Ideally under $100, especially if it's something I can only wear once.

Difficulty: Must have sleeves! I feel absolutely naked without sleeves that go at least halfway down my arms. If it's sleeveless then I need something that can go over it.

Already own: A plain black pair of dress slacks, three awesome pairs of knee highs, and these totally cute kitty shoes. Outfit may or may not include any of the above, I'm not set on wearing any of those.
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I would probably go drag myself, but I lean towards masculine clothing anyway. So I'd go skinny jeans (since I already own them), my partner's leather jacket and a white t-shirt with a slick (GIANT) quiff.

Girlified would be the same top half but tight pencil skirt, slouchy white socks and ballet flats (as per Cry Baby. Or something that makes my boobs look ridiculously large and fake.

I'd hit up Fatshionista for tips on where to buy.
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Drapes and squares are a reference to the movie Cry-Baby (trailer). Drapes are greasers -- think, 1950s cool with the white t-shirt, leather jacket, muscle car, and greased combed-back hair (see Johnny Depp in this movie, the Fonz, Sha-Na-Na). Squares are the uncool people who follow the rules.
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My offer to do your makeup only holds if you show up before I get completely trashed. It is my birthday, after all. But I wouldn't worry too much about it; at LEAST half of the people are going to show in their everyday clothing and will be forced to wear an eyebrow pencil mustache until I get too drunk to hold them down and draw it on.
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You could do a mix-and-match outfit...check Ross or TJ Max for a skirt/top/jacket in mismatched leopard. Or a matronly housecoat and slippers (hey, you'll be comfortable).

Thrift stores are possible, but honestly in larger sizes I have better luck in the clearance racks of discount stores...and hey, you're trying to look tacky!
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You sound perfect for Tracy Turnblad! Your shoes could work, and finding a swirly skirt shouldn't be too terribly hard. Your hair is the main part of the look, anyway.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, Tracy Turnblad sounds fun!
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