How to get a video off a major news site?
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Is there a way to get a video off of a news website like

I would like to own a copy of this video. Is there a way to get a copy of the video from the site? I don't mind if it's web-quality. The event was also featured on several other news sites, so if anyone knows a method that will work on different sites, not just CNN, I'd appreciate it.

PS- The video I linked is a news story on the marathon dodgeball game I asked about here. Thank you all for the great advice, we followed it and managed to play for over 36 continuous hours!
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The Firefox plug-in Download helper offers to Download it.
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It's a bit hacky, but you could do something like this with software like ScreenFlow. It's Mac specific, but I'm sure there's a good Windows equivalent if that's what you're using...

Or, on preview, yoyo_nyc's option seems a hell of a lot less work intensive if it works well.
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I like Applian Software's video capture software called "Replay".

It won't work on protected things like Hulu and NetFlix but works very well with Flash and most streaming video on news sites. I admit I haven't tried it on CNN recently.
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downloadhelper on firefox should do you just fine.
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I asked a similar question here, and StreamTransport worked for me.
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I can't see that particular video (some sort of region issue/), but:

Safari is great for leaching stuff from websites, including video.

- Let the site load, then start playing the video. Wait for any ads to finish and for the video you want to start playing.
- Open the Activity window. It'll show you everything on the page.
- Scroll down the list of web page thingies looking for the largest one - it'll probably still be downloading (eg 1.5mb of 212mb...).
- Click once to highlight, Apple-C (or Ctrl-C) to copy
- Open the Downloads windows, Apple or Ctrl-V to paste.

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Nthing the DownloadHelper plugin for Firefox.

Or for just the dodgeball video you might be able to right-click and save this link.
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Obiwanwasabi: great tip. Works in Chrome, too (or probably any WebKit browser) using the developer tools.

Here's the link you want:
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Here's a great free tool that's portable (no installation required). After you have viewed the video(s), just open VideoCacheView (one of the great free utilities from NirSoft) and you'll see the video and its path. You can click to watch it then or move it to another folder from the cache. Very simple. I love that it's portable.
VideoCacheView The download is all the way at the bottom of the description page.

While you're there, look around - some fascinating little tools.
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StreamTransport does work with Hulu and youTube, as well as many other sites. I don't know if it works with but it might.

In essence it's a barebones browser with a split-window interface for downloading any media files it finds.
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This might be a ghetto solution, but it has worked for me. I have a small camcorder, and now I use my new smart phone - and just carefully record your video screen as the video plays. You lose a little bit in quality, but it is super easy - and if you are carefully, the new video is usually good enough (for me anyway)
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I've used Download Helper for some time now in FireFox. Works great on most sites where they're not completely anal about you downloading videos (for example, doesn't usually work on Hulu).
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Psst, related MeTa thread here.
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