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What are some style or fashion blogs featuring women with diverse body types?

I like looking at style and fashion blogs, especially the ones that have pictures of "real people" wearing fabulous clothes. They're fun, and they make me more adventurous in my clothing choices. However, I'm a bit bummed by the way that my favorite fashion blogs seem mostly to feature long-limbed, thin women who look a lot like the women in fashion magazines. I think I'd be even more inspired by fashion blogs that showed pictures of great-looking, well-dressed women with lots of different body types. Anyone know of anything?
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I've a great fan of Advanced Style.
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oh my god, thank you. Those pictures are incredible.
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For (mostly) women size 14 and up, there's Fatshionista live journal community.
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Take a look at You Look Fab.
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I've recently started following some of the fat fashion blogs/tumblrs for inspiration. I especially like Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion and Pocket Rocket Fashion. The ModCloth blog is pretty good too – there's some random stuff on there, but they also have styling posts and links to a variety of fashion bloggers.
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Though the site's no longer being updated, you might enjoy looking through the archives at The Manfatten project. has a lot of long-limbed thin people, but also has more average-looking people than your typical fashion blog, and tends to feature people with a wider array of styles than many places.
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My partner does a blog about 1980's Australian fashion, but she also wears lots of complimentary vintage/retro stuff predominantly sourced from op shops/thrift shops.
I don't think she would mind me describing her as being of beautifully amazonian proportions.

I hope you find your inspiration!
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I love that Manfatten site! Wow.

It's only one lass - not all different women - but Frocks and Frou Frou is adorable. The clothes she wears are Australian brands though, so if you want to buy any specific items it would be hard to do outside Australia (but hey, now you know how all non-US readers feel when we see fabulous clothes on bloggers and then see that they come from Anthro/J Crew/Modcloth. *sobs with rage and jealousy*).

But it can be great for little bits of inspiration, especially if your tastes lean towards the cutesy-pretty end of the spectrum.
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I like Academichic. It's written by four women who work in academia. They're all pretty slender, but are different heights and body types. Fashion for Nerds is awesome. It's just one woman's outfits, but she's not your typical fashion model type.
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I can in to suggest Frocks N Frou Frou too, but jaynewould has already done it. I don't think all the brands she covers are Australian, I think she covers plenty of stuff that is available internationally, and she does cover more unique items from places like Etsy. She has been profiled in international magazines such as The Guardian, so she is relevant to readers outside of Australia.
She was in the US a month or so ago, so I expect she has a few suitcases of bargains just waiting to be unveiled.
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Sal at alreadypretty is very body-positive and an excellent read in her own right. Every Friday she links to articles and blogs of all sorts of body shapes. Examples:
Fashion for giants
Le Blog de Big Beauty
Medicinal Marzipan's take on being a pretty fat girl

Highly recommended.
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Have you seen the flickr Wardrobe Remix group? It's not exactly a fashion blog, but an incredible variety of women (and some men) post pictures of their outfits there.

Looking through the recently posted pictures almost invariably inspires me to try something new with my clothes, and I've actually found a number of interesting personal style blogs to follow, as many posters also have blogs.
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I like this blog, its just one woman but its pretty great.
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