Fresno likes to rock the party
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In Fresno, CA on business. The boss picked chain Mexican for dinner, so I really need something locally cool to do tonight to make up for it. Any ideas? Oh, our rental is a Lincoln Town Car, so bonus points if it's classy too.
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Best answer: Local events.

Highlights include Suicide Lounge at the Starline and... um. I don't know. Lots of karaoke?

I'd invite you over to hang out, but not tonight. The place is a mess.

If you're here over the weekend, this looks amusing, and the Tower will be showing a neato movie.

Fresno is basically a large small town. Not much to do on the weekends, must less Wednesday night.

I would love to be proven wrong by others.

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Response by poster: Well, I ended up at Starline. I appreciated the cover of the Boomtown Rats and the set of Bond theme songs. And the stiff drinks.
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