Photo royalty rate?
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What is a fair percentage to charge for royalties for the use of my photographs?

One or more of my photographs is going to be used by a small, new independent business, on t-shirts, tote bags, etc. I've been told that between .5% to 3% is standard, but I have no way of knowing the accuracy of this. It's in North Carolina, if the state matters.
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I would generally make them pay an upfront fee for rights and then add the 3% royalty. I've never gotten royalties from my photos but, 3% is a pretty standard percentage. Also be sure to iron out the terms in which they will pay you. Yearly, quarterly, monthly, whatever. Be sure to have everything detailed in a contract.
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This previous AskMeFi thread might be helpful.
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Use FotoQuote. It will help to know what kind of run you'll anticipate (number of products produced). The percentages you give are fairly accurate for someone just starting out; the more famous and big-time you are, the more you can ask for (someone like LaChapelle could probably ask for, and get, 20%).
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