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I have a Droid Incredible and the only minijack it likes appears to like are attached to my iPod headphones (not headset). Does anyone know of a minijack-minijack or minijack-RCA cable that would make it happy?

This is to connect to car, stereo, bedside alarm. All 3 have RCA R/L inputs but I can get an adapter if minijack-minijack is the only available option.

Whenever I use the cables I have, the status bar shows a headset (not headphones) and if the cable moves just a tiny bit, it cuts out and the music stops playing. I usually have to fiddle with it a bit to get it plugged in and recognized, then keep it very very still as to not lose connection.

The iPod headphone plug looks shorter and wider by just a bit. When I plug it in the headphone icon appears on the status bar, the plug stays put and doesn't cut out.

I guess the cables I have (that work perfectly fine for my iPods) maybe have longer plugs, making it register on the phone as a headset (with 3 conductors vs a 2 conductor headphone jack).

Something from monoprice or newegg is preferred.
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I had the same issue with my own Android device, and was able to use an app/widget called Headset Blocker to stop the phone from reading the headphones as a headset. It's a little like putting a band-aid on the problem, but it worked perfectly.

Rooting and flashing custom software (CyanogenMod 6) on my phone got rid of that issue altogether without the need for a separate app.
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I'm not sure if this is a proper answer, but I have the same phone and use normal minijacks with no problem at all (no cutting out, no getting it to the "just right" place, anything). So there might be something amiss with the hardware in yours that may make it hard to answer the question. I.e. Since it's not the norm for Incredibles, there probably won't be a very specific hardware answer that everyone else with an Incredible will suggest.

As a data point, one of the many cables that works just fine with mine is a Griffin. This is the one I use for the TV. I also have a few sets of headphones (Sony and Skullcandy) and a $5 generic cable from Target (alarm clock) that work. So going by my past experience, any minijack cable sold on newegg will work on my Incredible but I'm guessing you won't have the same experience.

Because of this, I think seldomfun's answer is the way to go, unless you're planning on also frequently using a headset. Or see if you can get the existing hardware fixed/exchanged.
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Oh, I forgot I also have a Seidio Innocase II Surface Case on the phone, so that makes cords with fat plugs not fit well.
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