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What's the online (free or low cost) tool that will enable many (20-30 online users) to make annotations and comments on a image (a map in this case)?

The audience have varying sorts of technical expertise and are on different networks, but worst-case they can send comments by e-mail.

Preferable that each user do not see other annotations or comments. Great to be able to track comments by user, download them for formatting (csv, xml, etc)
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Google Maps has a "My Maps" feature that might or might not work for your users. They create a map, annotate it, then share it. You might look into Places for exporting data, but I'm not sure if it works with My Maps. You could try it out, though.
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You could upload it as a PDF or JPG to something like Picasa or Flickr, then have people leave comments there. That won't help you with keeping people's comments from each other, but it satisfies the rest of your criteria. In Flickr, people can click right on the map and leave comments.

If you really don't want people to be able to see each others' comments, another possibility would be to set up a survey through surveymonkey or something similar, but that would be rather clunky.
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