Help this old NU*DIST find the Mac-based program of my dreams..
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Looking for the Mac version of qualitative data analysis software such as Atlas TI, Nvivo, and so on. Anything out there?

I've checked out TAMS, and, meh. I cut my teeth on NU*DIST years ago and no longer have access to a Windows machine (or an INTEL based Mac). Surely there are Mac lovers who are also researchers? Has someone created a great program for content analysis that runs on Macs?
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jeanmari: "no longer have access to a Windows machine (or an INTEL based Mac)"

I'm confused by this. Are you looking for something that runs on an old PPC Mac?
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Response by poster: Right. Or something that could run on any Mac (but I don't want to install Parallels or some such.) Some of our students don't have newer Macs and can't afford Parallels.
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Best answer: I took a quick look at Wikipedia info on QDA Software and found some possible options for you:

HyperRESEARCH runs on Windows and Mac OS

Transana runs under Windows and Mac OS

RQDA runs under Windows, Linux, and Mac OS

Coding Analysis Toolkit is web-based, free and open source

A.nnotate is a web service

MAXQDA will run under Linux using Virtualbox

(The way I found this was by going to the Wikipedia article on Nvivo and looking for the category link at the bottom. I've found that to be a useful way to find and compare software of one type or another.)
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