How Much For Ads?
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How much should I charge someone for a web/banner ad?

I host a Cubs Baseball Blog and was approached by someone asking if they could "buy" space and run a banner ad. The site doesn't get a whole lot of hits but enough to warrant attention. He asked me how much I'd charge and I haven't the foggiest idea. Do I charge a flat fee? Per hit fee? How would I track something like this?
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Most sites have a CPM (cost per thousand impressions). This is usually $1-5 (I think). This works best for website owners because it doesn't depend on clicks. If you wanted to charge per click, you could setup a banner rotation script.

However, since it doesn't sound like you have a lot of advertisers, I would charge a per month fee and sell it as an "exlusivity" sort of thing. I would charge maybe $70-100 a month.
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Response by poster: That sounds good Null. My first thought was a flat fee sort of thing although I'd probably go a little lower on the money range.
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