Arroz con blechhh
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How can I salvage my failed rice pudding?

I usually make rice pudding on the stovetop, using arborio rice, and I throw in a can of condensed milk. It is divine. Today though I was in a rush and I didn't want to stand and stir it for an hour so I put it in the oven instead, and I was out of arborio so I used jasmine rice, and I skipped the condensed milk since I was out of that too. Then I forgot to set the oven timer so it was in there a lot longer than I'd planned.

It's...pretty much what you'd expect. Not good. It's dry and mealy and tastes, unsurprisingly, like jasmine rice (which is generally nice, but doesn't play well with cinnamon and cloves). However, I have 8 servings and I'd feel bad chucking it. Now it's in my freezer awaiting inspiration.

Anything I can do with this mess? I've considered:

a) thinking of it like porridge (another bland, mushy substance) and tarting it up with cold milk, nuts, fruit, brown sugar et al.

b) blending it with milk and condensed milk or maybe a banana to make some sort of frothy rice-based smoothie beverage

c) smooshing it on my face in the hopes that mushy rice, sugar and milk have magical beautifying properties

I have considered a) and b) in the past, but have been unwilling to sacrifice my usual perfect rice pudding to any experiments. I'll try them now, but they'll only use part of the Pudding of Fail. Any other ideas?
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I'm sorry. It's not coming back. The milk has overcooked and the rice as partially dissolved. You can add all the goodies you like - that mealy texture is going nowhere...
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You could put it out for the birds if you have a garden.
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'Can't be rescued' is my opinion too.

I'd probably add milk, perhaps some honey, and enough sugar to make it 'gritty' and use it as a hand/body scrub.
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Compost I'm afraid.
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Awwwww, darn. Thanks anyway.
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No, no, no, it's not too late! I'd take option A, which will take care of the dryness. Maybe add some cream or evaporated milk or dulce de leche? Also, try cardamom, which goes nicely with jasmine rice, plus dried fruits.
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If you tossed some in the blender with water, you'd pretty much have noveau horchata!
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There is nothing to lose but your own time. I liked your smoothie idea, but then again, I'm Chinese and like slightly gritty desserts. Try a cup and see what happens.
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Seconding throwing it in the blender, strain it, adjust seasoning, and drink as horchata.
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But if you'd be willing to share the recipe for the divine pudding, that would be great!
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I came to ask for your divine pudding recipe but it seems leahwrenn beat me to it.

Please, please share your fabulous recipe with other rice pudding lovers!
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I will try these experiments and report back. How have I not heard of horchata before? agent99, I also have a large quantity of more-successfully homemade dulce de leche, so that will get a look-in for sure.

The recipe is not mine - it's Ingrid Hoffman via Smitten Kitchen. But it is very good. I use arborio rather than long-grain rice. Once all the liquid has been added and it's simmering away, I highly recommend scooping out a cup and drinking it. It's like a starchy-thick cinnamon/clove, uh, horchata, I guess. I've taken to making all my hot cocoa with a bit of rice in the bottom of the pan to thicken it up.
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