I keep kicking over my coffee cups.
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Where can I buy a factory cart coffee table in Australia?

I know these are all over the States, but I can't seem to find them here - actually the one place I did find them have now discontinued the line. I have my heart set on one so if you can help me source a supplier I'd be very happy! Here's what I'm after
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Response by poster: I'm having issues posting a link but basically it's a wooden box/ cart with massive chunky wheels that's adapted to become a coffee table.
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Response by poster: Awww thanks!
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They are around... try antique shops in regional towns, and ask them for leads. Ebay, graysonline or Gumtree would be worth searching from time to time, especially the office liquidation auctions. Those carts make a nice centrepiece in office foyers!
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Response by poster: Sadly I have been haunting those sites for almost a year now and no luck...
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I don't know much about the Australian economy, but I'd look for a used industrial equipment seller in or near an industrial city -- especially a city that used to be a booming hive of industry but has fallen on hard times (like America's rust belt). Buy an old cart, scrub it clean, and coat it with polyurethane.
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How about this one on ebay now? Depends if you want one with the more prominent wheels, or whether it is the general look you want. Recommend that you use "vintage industrial" as one of your search terms if you don't already. I have a feeling I saw another one a while ago on ebay (say, since October), so it might be worth brainstorming some more search terms.
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And Used Pty Ltd on Johnson St Fitzroy have one in their window. It is a shop that sells vintage industrial stuff. Presume it is for sale, although could be one of those things they always keep in the window to tempt people in.
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Response by poster: A very helpful mefi member has offered to build me one! I'm looking into it and so far it's looking positive! Thanks very much for all your help. AnnaRat, I looked into your suggestion and while the Melbourne piece was perfect, it was just too much but I really appreciate the tip.
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