I need ideas for dog-resistant throw blankets.
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Can you please recommend to me a resistant and attractive blanket I can throw on furniture so my dog can sit with me?

Don't hate, I let my dog on the furniture. It is one of life's simplest pleasures. Problem is, girlfriend muddies up my fancy couch if we don't lay down a blanket for her. We have tried cheap throws that match the couches, chairs, etc. from Target, but they just fall apart. What I want is something attractive that I can let my dog sit upon, yet resistant to her claws and the washer/dryer. I've seen some dismal color options out there when it comes to "pet friendly blankets", and I am willing to think outside the box and throw down some coin. Give me a few ideas, green.
Thanks in advance.
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Are you ruling out the world of plaid as a 'dismal color option'? We have one of LL Beans washable wool blankets. It's a little Northern Exposure but it's really toasty.

We're slowly giving up on aesthetics though.
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For our cats, my wife's mom gives us a couple el cheapo (like, $5) fleece blankets she got on clearance, every year. In other words, go with the flow regarding cheap stuff, and just *figure* it's gonna fall apart.
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We go at this from various angles, none of which are clear winners but many of which have their charms. (Note, current sofa is no more than 9 weeks old and 3 dogs 60-90lbs and it's been raining and snowing for the past several weeks, so we are trying VERY HARD at the moment.)

We have a lower layer of 2 for $10 cheap fleece throws - from CVS, but pleasingly earth-toned, which is why I bought every single one on the shelf - that get tucked around the bottom cushions. Over that is a layer of old Twin and Full flat sheets, tucked around the cushions and bottom blankets. The dogs can root around and pull up the sheets, leaving blanket still working underneath. The sheet is more pleasant to sit on, and easier to brush off (I have a whisk broom for this) where it can be vacuumed/swept/steamed off the tile floor.

Now, for pure dirt-magnet power, our bed blankets are Target's fuzzy - not fleece or weave, but like stuffed-animal pelt - blankets. I would move them to the couch and replace them with something that holds less dirt, but they are so deliciously heavy that we love them on the bed even when they are filled with dirt.
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We have a couple of old twin comforters that ended up as couch blankets. They seem to ably withstand clawing and dirt and repeated washing. They'd never survive chewing, of course.
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I'll third the cheap, thinnish fleece blankets, especially the ones that are big enough to stretch over each cushion on the couch. They're easier to wash than a big bulky blanket when you need to and cheap enough that you don't care if they only last a season or two (ours have lasted 2 years so far). I got mine at Rite-Aide for about $4 each.
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Best answer: I love these throws from utility canvas:

pricey but well worth it, just toss in the washer/dryer should last you a long time.
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A couch cozy! I have a cat mat made out of this fabric and it washes really well.
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Costco carries these awesome quilted pet throws for $40. They have a faux sheepskin fleecy side and a smooth side with embroidered details and come in nice colors that don't look like pet throws at all. They are machine washable: we rotate through a few of them to keep our oily Lab's fur at bay and they've held up to years of daily use (my dog has destroyed every bed, cushion and blanket except for these).
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We use this fleece blanket from IKEA. I love it, my dog loves it. Re: durability, I've just basically given up and just buy cheap throws and cushion covers from IKEA each season for this very purpose.
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Best answer: These are the throws we use, from Target $9.99, are they the ones you've tried? because they've worked great for us, super soft even after heavy use, the dog (G shepherd) hangs out on them, I wash them regularly, throw them in the dryer, and they haven't matted or faded or come apart at all. They come in a variety of colors, I have chocolate and tan, and I remember seeing black, red, light blue...I LOVE them, we have 3. They don't seem to be in stock online, but they always have them at our Target.
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I have a great one from Ruffwear... That I now find is discontinued.
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Another fleece fan here. I use polar fleece in any form I can find it - by the yard, as a blanket, as a "make it yourself" blanket from Joann Crafts (I don't make the blanket, though, I just use the two pieces). I put this stuff EVERYWHERE. Works great and washes & dries in a flash. Be sure to do something about the static, though, when you wash. People have recommended vinegar to me, which has never worked. I use a fabric softener.

I buy whatever is on sale at Christmas when I do my Great Shopping Adventure the day after T-Day with my dad (We go every year! It's fun! Don't give me that look! ;). It's always cheap then. I even got one with little sheep on it. I have had some for 6 years and they are still in good shape.
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A picture of your dog would definitely help with recommendations. That seems to be the case for cat owners.

We bought this SureFit sofa cover in ultrasuede for my in-laws for Christmas (among other things). It was on sale at JCPenny. They've been using it for their three dogs (gigantic lab and two small yappy ones) and assorted cats, and it works well for them for several reasons:

First, the back and arm flap thingies work on their sofa in such a way that the dogs don't pull them down when they're moving around on it like they did with the fitted sheets they were using, and it protects the top and arms from the cats who perch there. Second, the ultrasuede material is heavy enough that it doesn't move around into a wrinkly mess and the cats don't get their claws in it (nor do the dogs). Third, the brownish colour we got (though the other options aren't awful either) is good camouflage for light hairs from the yellow dog and the dark hairs for the black dog as well as the brown hairs from the brown dog. When you walk into a room, you no longer see an angora sofa, which was their problem with fleecy blankets. Fourth, the ultrasuede allows the lint brush or a damp cloth to collect the hairs easily for a quick clean-up. It can be vacuumed, but only on light suction with the brush or the material does get sucked up. I don't know how the duck is - though that would be my preference. Fifth, it is very washable, and doesn't take forever in the dryer. We'll probably get them another, so they can have them in rotation.

It's what I'd use, if our dog didn't think we humans take up too much room on the sofa and so prefers her own chair.
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Response by poster: Momochan, that is EXACTLY what I am looking for!

And thanks for all of the polar fleece recommendations.

I hadn't posted a picture of My Dear Girl, because I thought I had already done it enough already, but if you insist.
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She's beautiful! Now I understand! My best dog ever, Beauty, was a Rottie - I love them, and I hadn't seen yours before. Thanks for the pic ! And Momochan's throws are gorgeous!
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