Where can we stay in Amsterdam?
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Myself, my partner and a two of our friends have booked flights to Amsterdam for a week's break away and we need to find somewhere to stay. Ideally, we were thinking about an apartment so we can actually live there for a week rather than just stay; hotels and hostels are all well and good but it would be great to be able to cook and have a space to relax.

If anyone has any good recommendations as to where to start looking, I would very much appreciate it! In terms of special requirements... a kitchen, possibly twin/double beds, separate rooms (possibly a family room?), balcony would be a dream come true. City centre would be preferable, but a short bus ride away would also be great. Thanks in advance!
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Have you considered Couch Surfing?

I don't know that you would be able to fill all your desires/requests, but it's another option to consider.
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Best answer: AirBnB is another option.
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Best answer: Airbnb has been recommended on this site to browse various listings of people who are subletting their apartments. It's worth a try.
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Home Away is another place to check. There are also some vacation rental reviews on Tripadvisor.
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In the past, we've used CityMundo. The prices depend on the number of occupants, however, so it may not be cheaper than a hotel.
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I totally recommend renting a houseboat, I went through this site and we had lovely accommodations a little bit away from the crazy red light district. Having breakfast or a glass of wine on the deck was lovely.
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Renting a shortstay apartment is lovely. But if you fail to find something you like/in your price range, hostels may have kitchen access and a lounge/living room. The Oxford Street hostel in London has a great kitchen and a nice, underuse lounge which is very livingroom like.
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We spent New Years at the 95 Singel gracht house run by Maes Bed and Breakfast and loved it. There is an amazing kitchen, great view and a private balcony.
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VRBO is the starting point for this sort of thing. I no longer book hotels in any city in the world where I am staying three nights or more. Having an apartment is so much better and I've never had a bad experience with VRBO.
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Houseboat!! We went last year and found a place online . It was perfect...private, comfortable and we could relax and cook for ourselves when we wanted to. Plus an adventure :)
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Yeah, seconding the houseboat option. It is rad.

Just do not get drunk and fall in the water.

Not that that happened to me or anything.
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We [3 people] stayed in this excellent apartment right on the Noorderkerk square.

Found it via the shortstay amsterdam site. It was large, with a full kitchen, and in an excellent location.

They mention that the stairs are really steep, this is an understatement.

Worth noting though: the "bedrooms" are disproportionate, it's one awesome bedroom with a large bed and high roof and another small room with nothing but the bed [literally not a free centimeter past the bed]. There are no doors to close off either of these rooms. This wasn't a problem for us, and the location is really really perfect.
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- It's split into two floors, the bottom has a nice living room with couches/tv, the kitchen, and the toilet. The top has the 2 bed rooms and the shower+bath.

- There's a lovely/largish balcony with a table and chairs set up.

- It isn't in the center, but Amsterdam is really tiny, and Noorderkerk/Jordaan is about a 5 minute walk from the Centraal station, so about 10 from Dam Square.

General recommendations: get away from the center, the Jordaan area has great pubs/restaurants/shops/cafes, is close enough to the center, and is much quieter without all the tourists running around drunk and shouting. Also rent a bike. They're cheap, very easy to use [it really feels like bikes have priority on the roads there over pedestrians and cars], and Amsterdam is easy to navigate with all the parallel canals.
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Amsterdam House is great and has apartments, houseboats and hotel rooms.
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Definitely a houseboat for the true Amsterdam experience!

My friends and I stayed specifically on the PhilDutch houseboat. It was cute, had a great location, and was just the right amount of space.
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