How can I get people to give me their money?
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I've recently signed a contract with a very large broadcast firm. I will be an Account Executive, and I must, must do well at this. I start in 10 days. Any advice on practical, contemporary sales methods from experienced folks in the field? I'm selling radio in all the m markets (sports and classic rawk).

I'm fully aware of the whole Tony Robbins world of "think you're great"ness. I'm really more interested in real-world experience, what works for you, how do you sell the appointment, what is your schedule like, etc.
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As far as I'm concerned, consultative selling is the only way to go. This link is specifically designed for CPAs, but most of the ideas apply to advertising sales too.
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Know your markets. Read your customer's trade magazines, their blogs, the columists in the Journal that cover them. The secret to getting your calls picked up is being able to add value for your customer whether or not he makes a buy.

It takes money to make money. Use your expense account to the hilt, and go into your own pocket beyond that. If you spend $500 on a night on the town with an account and generate a $10,000 sales credit with a 10% commission, you've just netted $200-$250 (the other $250-$300 is lost to the adverse treatment of entertainment misc. deductions in the tax system.) Once you start to land serious sales this way they'll up your expense account, or at least let you go into your sales credit rather than your pocket, which will bring your net back to $500.)
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Persistence. The biggest thing I have had to overcome is the "I hate getting pestered so I don't want to pester them" mentality. I had to realize that a once or twice contact with a person didn't cut it. Ten to twenty times before they even remember who I am and agree to an appointment. After that it is all about preparation, confidence, and follow up. Think twice as much follow up as energy to get in the front door.

These were cold calls, YMMV with a smaller target pool and WAY different industry than mine.
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Radio Sales is an art and a science:

For the science, Chris Lytle's sales training system is amazing. Don't attempt to sell radio without reading up on his stuff.

For the Art, you owe it to yourself to read anything by Roy Williams.
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Also, always always always check your paperwork. Double and triple check your order confirms, sales projections, receivables, etc. The office people WILL make mistakes that will cost you money.
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If you're interested in the cognitive science of persuation, I recommend Changing Minds.
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Genie LaBorde wrote, "Congruent salespeople speak and grow rich."

"Congruence" is a label I'm referencing from NLP. It means that all of you (including -- but not limited to -- your communication, both verbal and non) has the same intention.

Dovetailing your outcomes with the outcomes of your prospect is a very effective way to establish congruence.

Said another way, the intention of getting people's money will work against you marvelously. And this fact pleases me.

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