Instant access to Remember the Milk's SmartAdd?
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I'm an avid user of Remember the Milk, but find it clunky to quickly add tasks by switching back and forth between tabs. Ideally, I'd like to press a key combination, enter in my Smart Add task, and hit enter, without ever leaving the tab that I'm on. Any suggestions?

I primarily use Ubuntu and Chrome, and always have 5-6 tabs pinned, including RTM and GMail. I've tried the two GMail extensions - both require me to be in my GMail tab. I've tried ChromeMilk - just as clunky as going into the RTM tab. I'm imagining a way to enter tasks through Chrome's omnibar, or through a program like Launchy. Thanks for any help from this first-time poster, long-time reader!
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Googling "rtm launchy" yields a method which looks clunky to set up but fine afterwards. Usefully, it also reminds me to try the RtM plugin for Quicksilver. Finally, RtM has its own forums on which you'd be sure to get better answers.
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I use RTM all the time and I am in and out of terminals all the time. I set up this function and put it in my .zshrc
rtm() {echo ''|mail -s "$*"}
Where foobar is replaced with your RTM inbox address found in settings -> info. This requires having the mail command installed and working on your computer (I use mailx or ssmtp depending on which computer I'm on). I'm sure you could setup launchy to call it somehow or some other gnome launcher.
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Lifehacker posted a solution to this earlier today. It uses Twitter, though, so I don't know how that will suit you. I can't vouch for it (just signed up for RTM tonight, actually) but it seems close to what you want.
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Here's another omnibar solution (also from Lifehacker) that doesn't use Twitter. It does open a new tab that you have to confirm though.
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