Comic Book and Non-North American Podcast Recommendations
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I listen to a lot of podcasts at work, and am looking to enlargenate my playlist by adding more comic book and non-North America content. Listening tastes below!

Comic Podcasts: I presently listen to the Ink Studs podcast. I quite enjoy its longish interview format and am usually interested in the guests (Primarily 'alternative/independent' cartoonists), but I often find the tone of the show really, really annoying.

I'm not interested in podcasts that focus on 'mainstream/superhero' comics or reviews of same, or Two Comic Book Guys Who Think They're Very Clever Riffing On How Stupid Dan Didio Is And Why You Should Totally Write Aquaman, Dude. Is there a comic podcast similar to the CBC's Writers & Company or KCRW's Bookworm?

Non-Nor-Am Podcasts: To give you an idea of the sort of thing I'm looking for, I enjoy CBC's Writers & Company, Ideas, The Sunday Edition, Q, NPR/PRI's This American Life, Bookworm, Fresh Air, RadioLab, To The Best of Our Knowledge, WGBH Forum, BBC's In Our Time and Thinking Allowed.

Extrapolating from those examples, what other English-language podcasts from outside of North America would I enjoy? I'm mainly looking for arts, history, and general interest but any show that regularly has great, thoughtful interviews with engaging people from any discipline is welcome.
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Not outside of North America (leave it to the first answer to not offer direct help), but be sure and give 'The Story' with Dick Gordon a try - if you haven't already. It's from APM.
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The Moth storytelling podcast, obviously!

For good fluffy fun with high production values, I love Mysterious Universe out of Australia.
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Best answer: The BBC World Service offers a Documentaries podcast, which has an enormous archive of pretty diverse stories from across the globe:

BBC Radio 3's Arts & Ideas podcast is also fairly diverse, consistently highbrow stuff. It might be a bit UK-centric for you, but worth a dabble if you like IoT.
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Best answer: Be sure to read this thread.
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Best answer: You would like A History of the World in 100 objects, if you haven't yet listened. Otherwise it would be helpful to understand why non-north america english language content is a constraint.

Also, I generally recommend the podthoughts column on by metafilter's own colin marshall for podcast ideas
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Response by poster: Otherwise it would be helpful to understand why non-north america english language content is a constraint.

I realize this follow-up is nearly a month late - and I obviously didn't read all of your response, apologies - but I'm not sure I grok what you mean. I'm already very familiar with what CBC, NPR, PRI, etc. have to offer, and previous podcast-related AskMes overwhelmingly and understandably feature recommendations for NorAm programmes. Getting the CanAmerican stuff out of the way seemed like a good way to get at content and media that I'm not familiar with or likely to come across in my daily life.
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